With a soupcon of optimism, we have decided to provide counterevidence to the much-lamented crisis of the recording industry by producing a new album after years of phonographic inactivity.No one is buying CDs anymore? Ha – don’t make us laugh! If you believe in something hard enough, you can achieve anything!Or not, whatever, because this is about something else. Something more important,something much bigger than us.It’s the slogan in times of crisis as well as in affairs of the heart, it motivates us, gives us strength and offers hopeful solace after lost battles, it is…

Yes! Yes! Yes!








In honor of their 20th Birthday, a movie was produced to celebrate Mnozil Brass’ jubilee including live recordings, interesting background info and a very good close up of all band members. Experience the world of Mnozil Brass and purchase the movie now: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/26953

On 01.23.1993 the first official appearance of Brass Mnozil in Vienna took place in a small circle 
that time was neither planned nor anticipated that this band was to gain cult status with their concerts to the whole world would go. And since a picture is worth a thousand words known to the seven lords have decided to let happen the first 20 years as a photo book revue.They offer a kaleidoscopic impression of their work, in their shows and the many trips to over 30 countries and four continents.



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